Dan Weis is not a ‘SLICK’ public speaker.

He’s “down to earth” and tells it like it is with NO fluff.

As a real estate and Internet marketer who loves to help agents, Dan’s mission is to help you become a top-producing agent in your community while making a profit in your business and, at the same time, having balance in your life.

After serving in the US Army for 4 years, Dan has been in the real estate “trenches” for the past 30+ years and is still going strong. Dan will share with you what works and what doesn’t work in today’s ever-changing, real estate market and if you need some ‘tough love’, he can do that too..

Do You Have A Large Team Of Specialists? I’m Not Here For You!

Dan’s target market is solo real estate agents, who are in one of three categories: (1) you’re brand new to real estate sales, (2) you’ve been in real estate for less than 5 years earning less than $100,000/yr or (3) you’ve been in real estate over 5 years and are experiencing burnout or complacency.

You know that a very focused & topic-disciplined speaker can lead you to new heights. Dan Weis does it by sharing his real life experiences and the experiences of others, who have also been successful.

Dan is available for large and small speaking presentations, lasting from 90 minutes to 2 hours.

Dan will develop a customized presentation that will put more commissions in your audience’s pocket books. He can speak on his experiences, which include time management & goal-setting strategies, millionaire mindset, Internet marketing, real estate marketing and building a legacy.

To learn more about how Dan can create a customized presentation for your group, contact Dan to let him know about your needs.