You’re Ripping People Off!

February 20, 2017

Success Mindset

You’re ripping your clients off!

You’re ripping your family off!

You’re ripping the world off!

But most importantly, you’re ripping yourself off!

Whooooooa there for one second!

Those are BOLD statements!

“What are you talking about, Dan?”

“Are you talking about me?”

I don’t know. Maybe, but I hope not.

Here’s what I am talking about.

Are you giving life your all?

Are you as skilled in real estate as you could be?

Are you selling yourself short?

If you’re not giving a 100% in your real estate business, then how many people are you hurting by not having a HIGH-OCTANE business plan in place?

You see, there are hundreds, maybe even thousands of real estate agents in your general marketplace that are not as qualified as you.

They have not spent the time, money nor energy it takes to be a success in real estate like you have.

Yet, they are working with home buyers and home sellers who would be much better off being represented by you.

There are hundreds of buyers and sellers out in the market RIGHT NOW, who don’t have an agent to work with yet. You’ve got to find them!

Can you imagine some of the terrible scenarios that these inexperienced agents are putting their clients through?

We’ve all heard the various horror stories.

It happens every day!


Let me ask you this question.

How many more clients could you work with this year? 5, 10, 20,…?

If you decided to, you could build a team around you, where you could help a 100 or more new clients a year.

The point is, no matter what the number, by improving your real estate skills and systems, you can help more consumers have a better experience buying or selling than what they’re now going through.

Decide how many people you want to help through their real estate transaction and just go do it.

Does it mean you need to be more focused every day?


Does it mean you need to improve your prospecting methods?


Does it mean you need to push yourself a little harder for the sake of getting better and helping more people?


Now I’m not saying that you have to turn into a 7-day a week workaholic. But when you’re in the real estate
business, work hard and smart. Then when it’s time to play and relax, you can do that, knowing you’ve done
everything possible.

Nobody knows how much time they have on this Earth, so don’t waste your life by being inefficient. What will your legacy be when you’re gone? What difference did you make?

Are you up to the challenge?

How many prospects will follow up with until you can reach them? Show them why you’re the agent who has the experience and persistence to be their agent.

The more home buyers and sellers YOU help, the fewer horror stories that’ll be floating around out in the market.

Go get ’em today!

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