What is “Blamus Realtus”?

April 26, 2017

Prospecting Strategies

How many times over your career have you heard friends, family and clients tell you “Hey, I tell everyone I know about you.”

To which you reply, “Great! I really appreciate that.”
But in your own head, you’re saying to yourself, “That’s nice, but NO ONE has CALLED me!”
This is a case of “Blamus Realtus“.
What in the world does that mean, Dan?
I’m glad you asked.  This common and painful condition is the real estate agent’s fault.
Our family, friends and clients frequently come in contact with people, who are planning to make a move…whether buying, selling, relocating, etc. Sometimes it’s something they hear through the grapevine. Other times, they hear it firsthand and get a lot of details.
The problem for you is ‘you’ll rarely if ever hear from these people’.
Because you haven’t “trained” your family, friends and clients on how to properly handle that sometimes ackward situation, where they want to recommend you, but they either botch it up or don’t say anything at all.
We, as agents, have the word “referral” tattooed on our brain. We know what it means and how it can benefit our business. It’s used as common real estate jargon between agents every day.
But consumers don’t usually know how important that word is to us.
When the opportunity arises, you need to ask those, who ‘know, like and trust you’, if they’d be comfortable recommending you to others when the topic is broached.
If they say “YES”, then you need to share them the strategy that will allow them to help you help their family, friend or co-worker.
When they find out someone is moving, have them share some of your qualities with that person. Next, they need to ask “Would it be ok if I had ____ touch base with you and see how they can help you?”
Once they get the OK, they need to call you with the person’s name and number, so you can follow up. Please don’t do a hard-sell on the person.Remember, you were recommended and you need to honor that person’s trust.
If your phone has 3-way calling, see if your client would introduce you on the call, maybe say something nice about you and hang up while you go ahead to see how you can help your new, potential customer.
Remember, the biggest frustration many agents have is knowing that they do a great job in helping people with their real estate needs, but when they’re recommended by a friend or client, they never hear from the prospect.
Here’s a script you can use, “If you hear of any friends or co-workers wanting to take advantage of this buyer/seller market, please tell them about me and then tell me about them.”
Each situation can be a little different, but come up with some ways to show clients and friends how to recommend you and you’ll add a few more transactions to your real estate business each year and it didn’t cost you a dime.

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