Three Insights To Playing BIG!

February 10, 2017

Success Mindset

I was recently talking to one of my mentors. I was asking him how can a person take their business to the next level and he said “If I really wanted to take my game to a whole new level, I had to do things VERY differently.”  It got me thinking about how I played my game in 2016 and how I need to play it differently in 2017.

Here are my Three Insights to Playing BIG:

1. Be ruthless with your time.
It’s too easy in real estate to go from project to project, never completing anything and then still having unfinished projects weighing you down like a ton of bricks. When I’m coaching a client, often they will say that they don’t have a plan for their day. That’s the kiss of death. Nobody cares about your time more than you. If you don’t care, then people will steal all of your time away and what will you have to show for it. Be ruthless with your time. Every second only happens once in your life. You need to only say yes to things that align with your goals, values and high payoff activities. It may sound harsh but it’s what works.

2. Play with ‘BIG’ people!

What I mean is surround yourself with people, who are where you want to be. There is a saying,“Your income is the average of the five people you hang around.” If you stay in your comfort zone, your revenue and results will stay there too. Invest in mentors, programs, and seminars that will give you access to people playing a bigger game. Even one idea that comes from someone with a different mindset can pay off big for you. Make a list of the people you want to be like and find a way to associate with them: find out what conferences or seminars they attend and hang out with them (as much as possible) at conferences, buy their books – learn their skills, etc. Have a list of powerful questions to ask them when you see them…not how do you do it all. Be very specific and listen to them – write down or tape what they say. When you get to know people like this and learn their skills and habits, if you run into a problem and don’t know what to do, ask yourself, “What would ____ do?” Then just do it.

3. Toss out what isn’t working… quickly!
Sometimes strategies just don’t work out from one year to the next. I learned this year that if not’s fun, isn’t profitable or is taking up 80% of my time (instead of 20%) then its time to make space for something better. I’m replacing the strategies that didn’t work well enough last year with new ideas this year. My insight: make your decisions quicker. It costs you your sanity, money, resource time and lots of missed opportunities to hang on to something that doesn’t work. Why take weeks of “thinking” about it, when you can change your mind in an instant! Trust your instincts and always let go of a great idea that isn’t panning out. If the idea isn’t working, then it’s draining your energy and time!

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