Start BRANDING Yourself…not your competition!

Are you still doing this???

Do you advertise or use an email account with “Yahoo”, “AOL”, “MSN”, “Hotmail”, “Gmail” or similiar account when sending out e-mails to your clients or prospects?

You are making a big mistake!

Did you know when you use any of those e-mail accounts, you are potentially advertising for other real estate firms?

These e-mails have hot links back to their web sites where other real estate companies have advertisements that may entice your clients and prospects to click on to their web sites.

DON’T promote your competition! It may also appear to consumers that you aren’t professional or savvy enough to have your own business e-mail address.

When you use your “” e-mail address you are keeping your clients and prospects focused on your web presence and not someone else.  If your first & last name aren’t available, then figure out a domain name that ties into the Cincinnati real estate market.  What domain name would be easiest for your clients to remember?

It’s too easy for people to surf the web. You want them to stay with you as long as possible.


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