Simplifying “3-Foot Rule” For More Business!

April 19, 2017

Prospecting Strategies

You walk by real estate prospects all day long and you usually don’t even think about it. We all do.

Sometimes, you have other things on your mind or you don’t want to bother them.
Here is a real simple way of adding value to someone by using your business cards.
Whether you’re pumping gas or in a checkout line at a store, make eye contact with someone and say a simple phrase: “Hi, I’m Dan, the Cincinnati Real Estate Guy. If you ever have a real estate or mortgage question, I’d love to help you. Here’s my direct line and email address.”
Obviously, say your own name instead of mine. But I’d love the extra business. :)
We all change or lose phone numbers and emails over time. You can even write short notes to your long-time clients and include a new business card for them to keep.
It’s a subtle way to introduce yourself and not force real estate down their throat.
Are you going to leave your business cards in their box or pass them out and make some money?
We all miss opportunities every day, me included.
Why not grab a stack of business cards and put them in your car. Then set a goal of passing out 5 business cards every day when you’re out in public. Do that 5 days a week for a year and you’ve passed out over 1,000 cards.
Do you think you’ll get any business from it? Absolutely!!!
Nervous or afraid of confrontation? Then find one person each day. You can do it. Real estate is a contact sport.
Some people will even ask you questions on the spot and that’s a great way to get their contact information, so you can follow up with them.
Now, go out and consciously do it and share your results with me. Reply to this post in the “comments” section and tell me how it worked for you. I challenge you. I’m doing it too.

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