My Son Always Said “I have a question…”

April 21, 2017

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My Son Always Said “I have a question…”

Every day I used to hear it when my son was young and at first I thought it was pretty cute, but after awhile it started getting on my nerves.

I kept thinking, ‘why not just ask the question?’

But then I got to thinking that young minds are always learning and that’s something we as adults sometimes forget to do…be inquisitive.

How can we learn to do a new task if we don’t have the skill set to do it? How can we learn from making a mistake if we don’t ask what went wrong?

When testing an ad campaign, asking questions can put you back on the right track.  When negotiating an offer with your client, asking questions can help you understand their needs better and bring together an agreement quicker.

When thinking of a question to ask, consider the following key words:

Who, What, When, Where, Why & How

Never just ask a “Yes/No” type question. You’ll never learn much that way. A “Yes/No” question doesn’t allow you to delve deeper into the topic you’re looking to gain knowledge on. You need to determine how detailed of a question you ask to get the most out of the answer.

Have you ever met someone you really admired, wanting to ask them lots of questions, but your mind goes blank? It’s a learned skill. You may want to write down your questions before you meet them. Remember to start with your key words. People are impressed by those who ask well-thought out questions and then listen intently to the answers.

So before you ask a question, really think about what needs to be asked to get the maximum information to help you. Also, the next time you have a question, get ahead and ask it. Don’t think that you’re dumb for asking the question, praise yourself for speaking out and finding the answer from someone who knows.

In reality, the more questions you ask, the quicker your learning curve will be to complete a task.


So, what’s your most pressing problem right now in your real estate business?


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