It’s Time To Be REAL With Our Clients!

October 30, 2017

Seller Strategies

With the fourth quarter of 2017 looming, we’re getting into the time of year, where many people take time to re-analyze their business goals.

While the real estate business does slow down, understand that in the past, 5% of all home sales in a year still sell in each month…Nov – Dec – Jan.

So if you still have motivated buyers, help them find a home while they face less competition from other buyers this time of year and have more motivated sellers wanting to sell.

If you still have motivated sellers, update your CMA and present it to them to help them make a pricing or staging concession that will help them sell their home more quickly.

I have to tell you a story: I recently showed a home that I was in total shock that people could live in a house the way they did. I felt sorry for the sellers. I couldn’t believe that the listing agent listed the home in the condition it’s in. As listing agents, we need to share our expertise and knowledge with sellers about what needs to be done to help them prepare their home for sale. Don’t be afraid to be truthful, but be tactful. You aren’t doing them any favors by having them think they’ll be able to sell.

Also, there are times when you need to decide not to list a home if a seller isn’t heeding your advice or wants to list the home at a price higher than you’re comfortable with based on market statistics.

I’ve turned down several listings this year after meeting with sellers, because of pricing or staging issues and the homes are still on the market.

On a listing appt, you need to decide if you want the listing as much as the seller deciding if they want you.

As it appears we’re in a buyer’s market in most areas, you really need educate your clients about the changing strategies it may take to sell their homes.

Don’t over-promise, then under-deliver.

Do the opposite!

Do you complete a seller’s net proceeds sheet with accurate numbers, i.e. payoffs, to show what they can expect to walk away with at the closing table? (I give them 3 different sale prices…low…medium…high.)

When you receive an offer, you can go back to the net sheet and review what you had previously discussed. (Have them initial the form, in case their memory is short.)


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