Is Your Business Tiger-Tough?

April 7, 2017

Business Building

I remember watching Tiger Woods several years ago play the last few holes at the season-ending Tour Championship. What an amazing accomplishment: Tiger won by 8 shots! He was playing in a twosome with PGA Tour veteran Mark Calcavecchia, whose 16 years older and 80 pounds heavier than Tiger.

Other golfers around him were shooting 60, 62s, 63s and 64s, yet he just played his own game and demolished everyone else. He hit the fairways 70% of the time. In past years, when he struggled, it was because his tee shots were all over the rough or in the trees. With his consistency back then (7 wins earned him almost $11 million, not including the $10 million deferred payment for winning the FedEx Cip), he was very tough to beat.

When asked if he was in his prime, Woods said, “I don’t think so. The whole idea is to try and keep improving.” As great as Tiger is, he believes he can be better. He has a plan and he sticks with it every day. He doesn’t let bad days get him down. He “grinds it out”from the first tee to the final putt.

What does this have to do with your real estate business?


How has your business been this year?

Have you consistently followed your business plan?

Is your income level up or down?

Are you happy and busy or are you in a funk?

If you’ve been struggling, then it’s time to take action on the final 3 months of 2007. Here are some steps you can take to jump-start yourself, if you need it:

  • Go through your client and prospect databases. Delete those who you didn’t enjoy working with or have moved while using someone else.
  • Pick up the phone and call some of your favorite clients. Ask how they’re doing and offer to give them some assistance in their assessing their home’s market value or calculating their re-financing options or providing the name of a contractor for some needed home repairs or improvements. I know everyone says to ask for referrals, but if you haven’t talked to them in a very long time, I’d save that for another call.
  • Attend some continuing ed classes or go to a state or national real estate conference. Get your creative juices flowing again and find out what’s working for agents in different areas.
  • Go back to your business plan and just do the daily activities you said you would do.

One of the problems with getting back into the groove of listing and selling again is that it can take time. Don’t measure your results on a daily or weekly basis. Count the number of activity steps that you’ve completed every day. Reward yourself for doing what you said you would do.

If your real estate is not where you want it to be, then you need to take action and over time it will work. Yes, there may be fewer property sales happening in your area, but there are also more agents leaving the business, so the buyers and sellers are still out there. You just need to work harder and smarter to find them.

Now, what first step are you doing to take today to change your business? Tell me. Then do it!


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