Is Your Business Profiting From The Law Of Attraction?

March 13, 2017

Business Building

Have you ever seen the cartoons and comic strips, where the dog and its owner look eerily similar?

Well, I believe there’s some truth to it.

It may not be physical (as in looks), but who you choose to hang out with (family & friends), hang around with at the office and work with as clients, is your sphere….and often times, similar traits appear. Other times, if you’re stressed for long periods of time, is it really coincidental that you’re also working with a lot of stressed out clients with their own problems?

In our real estate lives, we often spend half of each day dealing and communicating with our current and future clients. You could say that, collectively, we spend our much time with our clients as we do with our family and friends. So, it’s important to decide to work with and help people that we get along with and who will appreciate our time and effort in helping them achieve their real estate needs.

One of the best reasons for meeting your potential clients in the office is to sit down and converse with them. Find out what their dreams and goals are…what their expectations are. Are they nice people? If after 15-30 minutes, you don’t have a good feeling at all about them, then decide if you want them in your life, because should you agree to work with them, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them and if they’re negative, their emotions can rub off on you and drain you emotionally.

At my consultations, I always tell the prospective clients “I’m here to interview you as much as you’re here to interview me. At the end of our time together, we both have the option to decide to work together or not. Fair enough?” It sometimes really changes the atmosphere of our meeting. It lets them know that we each have the power to decide if we want to work together and not have it be only a one-sided decision of the prospect.

So, who are you associating with?

I attended a personal development training, where Mr. John Gardner, a self-made millionaire from South Carolina and co-author of “Chicken Soup For The Entrepreneurial Soul“, talked about the successful habits of many success-minded business people in history as well as the current day entrepreneurs.

One of the philosophies I learned from this training was “The Law of Association”. Who are you associating with on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to improve your business skills?

It’s been said by many that ‘You become like the 10 people you hang around.’

Are you at the business level you desire? If not, it’s never too late to start.

Take people, who you aspire to be like, out to breakfast or lunch. By asking them lots of questions and really focusing on their answers (take notes), you’ll shorten your learning curve.

You may even want to ask them if you can join their team as a buyers agent or a listing agent. Think out of the box a little bit. If your business is not where you want it to be, look at different options. Joining a successful team can be a win-win for everyone involved.

The bottom line is if you don’t like the people you’re working for, then find some new clients.

Just thoughts to ponder!

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