Is The News Continuously Bad? It’s Time For…!

March 27, 2017

Success Mindset

Is the news continuously bad?  It’s time for N.M.B.!!!

All you ever hear about on TV and radio is bad or spectacular news, because that’s what sells.

Well, I know the nation’s economy has its major challenges right now, which have been caused by many factors, but the news media has done its part to perpetuate the ‘gloom and doom’ mentality for all of those who choose to surrender to it.

I, for one, have decided not to participate and to prove my point, I’m going into N.M.B. (NEWS MEDIA BLACKOUT).

For the next 30 days, having started February 1st, I am choosing to not allow the news media (on TV, radio and internet) to seep into my brain.

Will this be hard?  Yes!  Is it doable?  YES!

Internet news will be the toughest, because Yahoo News is easiest to access.  Then TV and finally radio.

My car radio is easy, because I can listen to motivational and real estate training CDs.

The TV will be a little tougher, because it’s a habit I’ve had for over 45 years.  Everywhere you turn, there’s 24/7 cable news channels, all competing to get your attention.

Why am I truly determined to do a NEWS MEDIA BLACKOUT?

YES, I AM!  It’s time for change!

There’s too much negativity in the world and like I’ve said before “Your economy is between your ears, not the outside world.” 

I want to experience what it’s like not having outside influences constantly infiltrating my thoughts over time.

Don’t allow others to affect what you want to achieve in life.

Unless the world experiences a major catastrophe, which I hope wouldn’t happen, there’s no reason to listen to all of the naysayers in the world.

How can you and I make a difference in other’s lives in our time on this earth, if we’re only spectators and not playing in the game of life?  You have to decide: Are you a player or a spectator?

Properties are still selling right now.  Are you going to aggressively find motivated and qualified buyers, who want to buy right now as well as the motivated sellers, who are willing to price their homes where they need to be to sell?

What will my life be like during the next 30 days?  I’m not sure, but I’m hoping that by focusing more on what’s important, like my family and my business goals, I’ll be able to achieve more balance and the results I desire.

I will keep you updated on my progress of my NEWS MEDIA BLACKOUT.

What do you think of this strategy?

Are you willing to take a stand and go into a NEWS MEDIA BLACKOUT too?

Please let me know if you’re willing to take the challenge too.

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