Is Blogging Worth The Time?

March 6, 2017

Internet Marketing

There are so many ways to communicate with our clients and prospects.

You can pick up the phone, send a snail mail letter, send an e-mail or stop by their home. Now with the latest in technology, there’s another way to communicate valuable information.  It’s called Blogging.

Oh, Dan, I’ve heard of that, but it seems like a waste of time…

or, Dan, I’m not a computer techie.

Well, both of those statements are costing you and your clients and prospects ALOT!

By not blogging, you are denying your clients the important information that you know and have learned with your years of experience. Buyers and sellers today need a lot of help. They need us more than ever. The real estate transaction is getting more and more complex. Now, they may have access to more information, but they don’t know how to decipher it. They’re on OVERLOAD! They need someone they can trust to help them.

That’s where blogging can be your vehicle to helping your clients.

Dan, what is a blog and how do I get one started?

A blog is really an online journal. Millions of people use them for personal reasons to keep in touch with their family and friends. Others use them for business purposes, to keep people informed. What you’re reading here is my real estate coaching blog. I also have a blog for my clients.

To start your own blog, you can go to: and follow the simple instructions. If I can do it, anyone can. Now this type of blog needs to be promoted to your database, so that they know about it. Advertise your blog web site address on your business cards, voice mail message, email signature, etc.

Another type of blog is ActiveRain Real Estate Network. It’s a place where you can blog to other Realtors, lenders and others, BUT more importantly, it’s often found by consumers in your area.

I have received several direct referrals and leads from consumers, who didn’t go through an agent to find me. So consumers are reading blogs.

What you have to remember when writing a blog is 2 things: 1) you need to be yourself in your writings – opinions are okay – don’t be all stiff – have fun when blogging, 2) what you’re blogging about needs to provide value to your readers. In order for people to keep coming back, you have to give them information that’s interesting to them…write about activities happening in your community, changes in the real estate and mortgage markets, etc.

How often should you post things on your blog? It’s recommended that anywhere from daily to a few times a week is good. Once a week is probably the bare minimum. There is a time commitment for blogging, but it’s easy to do once you get on a roll.

With our society becoming more socially integrated, blogging is another way to get your name and brand out to the public.  Also, make sure that what site you post on is mobile-friendly, because Millennials live on their smart phones.

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