How “Choices – Wants – Needs” Affect Your Life!

January 20, 2017

Success Mindset

Do you ever get an “Ah-Ha“? Sure, you do!

I recently came upon a realization that makes sense…one that can simplify how one looks at their life and in what direction they want to go in versus just floating along in life.

The 3 words of importance here are: CHOICES……WANTS……NEEDS

We are where we are today based on the “choices” we have made up to this point in our life.

Read that statement again and let it sink in.

From the smallest choices to the largest, we all make hundreds of choices every day. Some of them we do automatically, because we’ve done them thousands of times, while other more significant choices can be as extreme as changing our life’s direction.

WANTS are a lot easier to do than NEEDS.

Often when we have to make a choice about something, if it satisfies a NEED, it’s harder to make than if it’s for a WANT.

Isn’t it interesting that when we NEED something, often times, it must be something that affects our life by pain or greed or we procrastinate in doing it.

Do you need to exercise, eat fruits & vegetables and limit junk food? No, but if you don’t, after 40 – 50 years of this way of life, you may pay a big price down the road with your health.

Do you need to contact your clients on a routine basis and prospect for referrals and new business to keep our funnel full? No, but if you don’t, you may be on your way out of the real estate business.

If you WANT something, you’re giving yourself permission to go after it, determined to get it, no matter what you have to do.

It seems so much more appealing and you get excited just thinking about achieving it.It seems that when you WANT something very short-term, it’s easier to stay focused on it and you realize what pleasure you’ll receive from accomplishing it.

Here’s a strategy I want you to do for one day:

As you go through your day, whether it’s about business or your personal life, REALLY, be aware of every time you make a choice about something.

Will the choice you make bring you closer to your goals and dreams or will it push you farther away?

Will the choice you make affect you positively or negatively now and into your future?

That’s why having a simple daily list of activities that when completed every day will help you achieve your goals and dreams is so important.

It helps you make the right choices.

Remember, short-term pain = long-term gain.

By the way, have an awesome week in your life!!!

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