Have You Found Your Acres of Diamonds?

May 31, 2017

Prospecting Strategies

Do you remember the story about the Acres of Diamonds?

The man was struggling to find riches that he searched far and wide, but at the end of his life, he came to realize that the land he owned himself was full of diamonds. He never considered the land right under his toes.

So where am I going with this?

If you haven’t focused on marketing your services to your neighbors, you’re really missing out.

You need to be offering your neighbors and those in your farm areas, valuable information, whether it be about recent area sales, market statistics, strategies for preparing their home for sale, success stories about how you helped clients in a tough situation or share ways to keep from being scammed with some of the mortgage products on the market that are causing negative amortization loans for people, who become upside down on what they owe.

Using postcards (or door hangers, if allowed in your area) can help keep your expenses down vs. stuffing envelopes. You can show how you’re different from other real estate agents in your area.

Every quarter, highlight a contractor, mortgage lender or inspector that you know would do a great job for anyone in the area. Tell a story about how they helped one of your clients. Never recommend someone, where you haven’t personally seen their work.

Promote your web site on the mailings, start a real estate blog and offer a free report or something of value by having them provide their e-mail address, so that your neighbors will contact you.

When starting out, mail weekly for 4 weeks. Then mail once every 10 days. Then twice a month. It’s important that you do it enough, so that your neighbors don’t forget that you’re in real estate and that you can help them. You need to keep it on a professional level.

If you’re already doing this type of strategy, what’s working for you? I’d love to hear your success story.

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