Do You THINK Like a Top Agent?

March 10, 2017

Business Building

Do you want to be one of the top agents in your market?

If you want to become a “TOP-PROFITING”, real estate agent, then you first have to think and act like one.What does that mean, Dan?

Are you serious about wanting to list and sell several million dollars worth of real estate each year?

I mean REALLY SERIOUS……not just ‘interested for the moment’?

How committed are you?

You see, it’s easy to dream about it and think that one day you too can be a top agent in your market.

Even though there’s always some amount of frustration at any level of business,¬†top agents spend less time in their business than struggling agents, because they have systems in place to be able to do more transactions in less time.

People say they’d like to play golf like Tiger Woods or Jason Day (current #1 golfer in the world). Oh, really? Would you be willing to do everything Tiger or Jason do and have done every day, every week, every year, for year after year?

If you got a sneak peek behind the scenes of how Tiger or any other successful professional runs their business, you’d be amazed and probably overwhelmed at how laser-focused and committed they are to achieving their goals.

But the important thing to know is “They all took a first step!”

Top agents didn’t become masterful overnight. It’s a process…a journey.

Whether you build your business quickly or slowly, the more people you add to your team, the quicker you’ll be able to achieve your goals. But beware, because you need to have a business plan in place that shows you which systems, when effectively used, will make your business profitable.

It’s important to build a solid foundation first, so that your business doesn’t crumble later.

When writing your business plan, you must make it system-dependent, not people-dependent. What I mean by that is you need to hire a person who can handle the tasks of the system, not build a system around a person. People come and go. You must be able to interchangeably move people in and out of working your various systems in order to make it all work smoothly.

Top agents also are very focused individuals. When they have 1 or 2 systems in place, i.e. FSBO system or Sphere of Influence system, they work on improving the effectiveness of that system until it’s running at¬†maximum capacity. They test-market different strategies within the system to see if they can increase their conversion rate. If they can get 2 additional clients per month by tweaking their system, that can generate tens of thousands of dollars of income over a 12-month period.

Don’t try to do 5 to 10 different target markets in your business plan.You’ll become a jack-of-all-trades and master of none. When you get really good and profitable at one or two systems, then look to add one additional system to the business plan.

Remember, growing your real estate business is a constant and never-ending journey. That’s what I love about real estate. You never have to retire, if you choose not to. You can build a book of business (your clientele) that you can serve over the years either by yourself or with the help of a team.

Every day in real estate is a new adventure.

You never know what’s going to happen and you can shape your business any way you like to make it a fun part of your in life.

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