Are Consumers Afraid Of You?

How much business are you losing, because people are afraid to talk with you?

When consumers call you from your for sale sign, attend one of your open houses, or come from a client referral, how do you handle those situations? What percentage of the time are you able to convert those prospects into closed transactions?

I believe many people still look at real estate agents as slick, pushy, or high-pressure salespeople. They try to avoid us as much as possible. They call for property information and then are ready to hang up. The Internet is a great, safe haven for consumers, because they can stay anonymous until they’re ready to act.

What you need to do is change the public’s perception of you.

I always tell people that I’m here to help them – consult and advise them through the process. I’m not a typical salesperson. I don’t care which property they buy, but when we find the right one for them, they’ll know it. My purpose is to be their advocate through the negotiating of an offer and inspection issues, if any, and to do my best to make sure that they understand which type of mortgage is best for their situation.

I don’t want my clients to fall for a bad home or bad loan.

I want people to feel at ease when they talk with me. If they have their guard up, it’s a lot harder to help them. If they’ve a bad experience with an agent in the past, get them to share it with you and show them how you’re different.

A great strategy to use in getting a consumer to want to work with you is to have a consultation. Meet where they are most comfortable…at their home, at Starbucks, at your office. Share your business philosophies with them. Take them through the home buying or selling process. Update them on what’s happening in the current real estate market.

No matter what type of market it is, there’s always myths out there that you need to inform the consumer about. Find out about their family…where they grew up…what’s happening in their life…what amenities are important to them. Focus on getting to know them. You’ve obviously heard “No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care”.

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