Analyze Which Strategies Are Working Best!

April 14, 2017

Business Building

I have some focused questions for you to ponder to yourself:

  • What have been your top 3 income-generating business pillars in your first quarter?
  • What was your top income-generating pillar in 2016?
  • Has it still been one of your top 3 pillars in 2017?

Are you still using it or did you stop to then try something else that ended up being less profitable?

Often times, you may have an effective pillar for generating business and then you get busy with something and stop doing it. Then 3 months later, you wonder why your business is down.

If you have a pillar of your business that’s been effective for you, but its results are starting to decrease, you need to do one of two things:

  1. really analyze the system and see if there’s any way to improve upon it and 
  2. see if there are any parts of the system that can be delegated to someone else, so that it will free up your time.

Yes, you’ll be paying someone else to do it, but it’ll still be an income stream for you and you can move onto another project – something else that you’ve wanted to do.


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