2018 Isn’t Over Yet…

December 5, 2018

Business Building

We still have 26 days left in December before we wrap up our business and celebrate the holidays.

While many people slow down and start focusing on attending holiday parties, shopping for gifts and spending time with family on Christmas and New Years, there are still many other days, where you can perform activities that will launch you into 2019.

Just think about what a jumpstart to your 2019 business you could have if you:

  • called your sphere of influence to see if they have any plans of moving in 2019
  • called your current clients to let them know that you’re available through the holidays
  • found some old leads and re-connected with them by email/phone/text

Now is a good time to reach out to people you know, because they are more likely to be in a festive spirit and be around family and friends who may have a need for your services in 2019.

When you reach out to them, work on building your relationship with them…asking about their family and things like “What can I do to help you with anything?”

By doing a few activities between now and Jan. 1st, you’ll see the results of your actions in January, February & March.


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