10 Costly, Agent Marketing Mistakes – Part 2

February 8, 2017

Prospecting Strategies

Because it’s easy to get ‘funnel-vision’ thinking, these thoughts are to help you become more aware of what’s really working in your market and to help you improve your marketing systems.

The last 4 marketing mistakes I see agents making all of the time are:

  • #4 – Curtail image advertising unless…

    Does billboard marketing work? Does shopping cart marketing work? Does plastering your face everywhere work? If it’s getting you actual business, where consumers are hiring you then keep doing what you’re doing. If you have a contract for bench advertising or any other long-term advertising, then you need to look closely to see if you’re getting results for your hard-earned dollars. There was a time when agent and company image advertising often worked, but in today’s market many consumers won’t even pay attention to anything you have to say unless you are focused on serving their needs. Remember, the consumer is thinking “WIIFM” – What’s In It For Me?” If you’re only tooting your own horn, then the consumer could care less about you. What can you do for them? What can you offer them? How can you differentiate yourself from other salespeople?

  • #3 – Not blogging!

    If you haven’t started blogging, it’s not too late. This is a great, FREE way to promote yourself and your services to other professionals for referrals as well as to consumers who read your posts. Having a web log (blog) is a great addition to your web site, because you get to share your expertise and thoughts about whatever it is you want to talk about. Consumers and clients get to see a glimpse of who are behind your facade, should you want to share your professional and personal thoughts on various topics. Blogs can also help you become more visible in organic, free searches done by the public. There are many free blog site platforms available. One real estate community blog site is ActiveRain – click here. Others are blogger or wordpress…

  • #2 – Not taking educational courses!

    When real estate markets were HOT, agents would always say “I don’t have any time right now for classes. I’m so busy.” Well, most agents have a little more available time now and one of the best ways to make good use of that time is to educate yourself. I believe education can really shorten your learning curve. Have you ever heard “…the more you learn, the more you earn…” Agents with advanced designations like CRS, GRI, ABR, e-PRO, etc do, on average, earn a significantly higher amount of income than those who don’t educate themselves. I think it’s called “A CLUE!” When you learn new skills or improve your existing skills by taking them to the next level, you will become a better agent, a better person, a more balanced person, and more.
  • #1 – Not focusing on money-making activities!

    In today’s real estate climate, consumers are afraid. They watch CNN, read magazines, peruse the Internet and bad news about the economy and the housing market are everywhere. They don’t know if they can qualify for a mortgage. BUT the reality is homes are still being sold, because sellers need to sell and if the price is right, buyers will buy. It’s just that there’s a huge inventory of homes today in most markets. So you need to focus on doing money-making activities now!

YES, prospecting – following up with leads – calling inactive clients. Do the activities that will produce sales. Because it’s a numbers game out there, here’s a question for you: Would you want every listing that comes your way? NO! Some homes will be in poor shape…have unmotivated sellers…be way over-priced…etc. You have to produce the numbers, so that you can find the gems that will still sell in today’s market. Going back to the basics is CRITICAL! Don’t think you’re too good to do it…you’re fooling yourself. Experienced agents, new agents and even mega-producing agents have gone back to the basics, because if you don’t, you won’t survive in the real estate business for very long, unless you have deep pockets and want to kid yourself. You’ve got to work smarter. That means being more effective with your time. Get more activities done in less time. Improve your efficiency. You’ll be leaner and meaner and can survive any type of market.

Now go do it!

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