10 Action Steps To Your Listing in Today’s Market!

May 5, 2017

Seller Strategies

If you’ve had your listing for more than 45 – 60 days, you’ve probably received calls from your seller asking you why their home isn’t sold yet.

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another.

What you need to do is contact your seller to set up a time to meet at your office within 48 hours of your phone call. This gives you time to prepare and gives the seller time to find a sitter if they have children. You don’t want to have any distractions during this meeting. That’s why you need to meet at your office, plus it puts the meeting in your home court.

Here’s the 10 action steps you need to discuss with your seller:

  1. Explain the Buyer’s Market Realities to the Seller
  2. Prepare a new C.M.A. & Seller Net Proceeds Sheet – (Make sure loan pay-off figures are accurate)
  3. Review Showing Comments & Discuss Property’s Condition
  4. Discuss the Seller’s Motivation – Is Now The Right Time For Them To Sell?
  5. Re-Evaluate Your Marketing Plan
  6. Have the Property Staged & Take New Photos
  7. Spice up the Ad Copy – Use “HOT” Buttons
  8. Answer All of the Seller’s Questions Completely
  9. Change Your Mindset – It’s Not Always a Quick & Easy Sale
  10. Decide on Changes to Price, Condition and/or Marketing

If you have a listing that isn’t selling, don’t wait until a few days before the listing expires to contact the seller.

You need to tell the sellers at your initial listing presentation that you will be sending them market updates by e-mail on a weekly basis (actives-pendings-solds), so that they can see what happening or not happening in the market at that time. You don’t want them mad at you, because you didn’t communicate enough with them.

The reality is properties are selling…maybe not as fast and for as much money…but they are selling. If your listing isn’t selling, then you need to do the ’10 action steps’ above to increase your chances for putting a SOLD sign in their front yard.


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