After 30 years of success in residential real estate sales, it only seemed natural to Dan to share what he’s learned during the process. Dan’s passion is real estate and in coaching other real estate agents; helping them avoid the pitfalls, the burn out and the false promises of gimmicky, “get rich quick in real estate” schemes. His purpose is finding those agents, who are committed to excellence and are focused on treating real estate as a business. Dan’s honest, real life approach is what makes him different from other coaches.

Dan is still an active real estate consultant, dealing with buyers and sellers every day. He knows what today’s issues are and brings to you the real-time strategies and solutions that can make you more effective.

In an article written about Dan in Broker Agent Magazine, Dan was quoted as saying “my clients deserve to know the facts and realities of the real estate market. I am a professional consultant before a friend. I always tell my client what needs to be said and not just what they want to hear.” In that same light, Dan believes in sharing with new and seasoned real estate agents what strategies, systems and tools will work in today’s market that he’s personally used or reviewed.

A native of Cincinnati, Dan felt he was an entrepreneur at heart from the time he ran his first newspaper route at the age of 9. He began his professional life with a four year stint in a Military Intelligence unit as a Russian linguist in the US Army. Seeking an opportunity to become self-employed upon leaving the military, Dan obtained his real estate license and for the past 28 years has been there to service the needs of his clients. Now he also helps other real estate agents benefit from his experience through his consultations and training seminars.

Dan has a unique ability of really listening to his clients’ concerns and then counsels them on what they need to do to solve their problem.